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Turning The Hiram Key
by Colin Wilson
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Turning The Hiram Key
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Acclaim for Robert Lomas, Turning The Hiram Key, and his other books

Comments on Turning the Hiram Key

"Dr Robert Lomas, a freemason and a co-author of the best selling, but often controversial 'Hiram Key' books,... in his forthcoming offering 'Turning the Hiram Key' explores the possibility of the... [Kirkwall Scroll] originating in Aberdeen in 1483. Lomas... speculates that the crude style of painting on the central panel could have been done by operative masons working the teaching rituals learned during itinerant jobs´┐Żpossibly during the building of places like Rosslyn Chapel." ~ The Sunday Times

"Lomas... has no qualms about mixing and matching hardcore science and mathematics with ancient belief systems, a dash of folklore, and a bucketful of astronomy. And he doesn't mind asking himself, and the rest of us, some rather pertinent questions about the result." ~ The Daily Mail

"These mystics haven't really given up sex, it's just a different form of orgasm. This analysis [by Dr Lomas] forms the basis of the fifth book in the Hiram Key series, which has produced controversial theories on the mindset of man from pre- history to the present day. Turning the Hiram Key looks like keeping to that tradition, with detailed discussion on how masonic ritual contains the elements needed for inducing mental ecstasy." ~ The Scotsman

" One of the practical aims of Freemasonry - to teach people how to be in control of their own lives. Turning the Hiram Key makes an admirable starting point for this process... Bob Lomas gives the impression of enormous energy and intellectual vitality - a man who is in control of his own life, and has the gift of being able to teach others to follow his example." ~ Colin Wilson, author of The Outsider, Atlantis to the Sphinx, and Dreaming to Some Purpose

"Not since W. L. Wilmshurst's books and lodge papers of the 1920s and 30s has there been such a positive and serious study of Freemasonry as a system of spiritual philosophy." ~ W. Bro. Douglas Inglesent. P.P.J.G.W. Custodian of the Wilmshurst Collection

A Selection of Comments about Previous Books:

The Invisible College

"The Invisible College is an excellent work! Very well researched and written in a readable and exciting way." ~ Robert Bauval, author of the Orion Mystery

"After berating Bro Lomas for his previous books (with Bro Knight), I must now offer my congratulations to him. This book examines how a group of men from opposing sides of the English Civil War could get together to found the Royal Society in 1660 so soon after the Restoration. Sure, there is some conjecture as to whether certain men were Freemasons or not, but this is a well researched book that makes none of the massive claims of his previous works. If nothing else this book is an excellent summary of the events leading to the Restoration, and demonstrates well why we ban the discussion of political and religious issues is our Lodges." ~ Andrew J. Bradley, The Masonic Tool Box

"A rollicking yarn of Restoration politicking, which is possibly useful even if one is immune to grander conspiriology." ~ The Guardian

"This solo effort from Dr Robert Lomas, follows on naturally from two earlier books (co- authored with Christopher Knight) viz: 'The Hiram Key' and 'The Second Messiah.' A criticism levelled at the former book, concerning the vast range of events attempted in a single volume, is fully answered in 'The Invisible College'. Dr Lomas has taken the content of a few pages from 'The Hiram Key' and expanded it into an interesting, and well researched account." ~ W. Bro. Douglas Inglesent. P.P.J.G.W. Custodian of the Wilmshurst Collection

Freemasonry and The Birth of Modern Science

"Robert Lomas leaves us in little doubt that the rise of rational science owes a great debt to Freemasonry ... The book is well written, manages to avoid being in the least 'superior' and makes excellent reading. Be prepared to be surprised, if not amazed at times. Well done Dr Lomas - scholarship without the slightest yawn." ~ The Templar Review

"Robert Lomas takes his research back well before the formation of the Royal Society itself, explaining how such Freemasonic connections were already important to the rise of rational thinking. However, this is a very human story, amusing in places and always acceptable." ~ Stephen Dafoe, The Lodge Room

"Robert Lomas has either taken to heart the ready criticisms of his earlier reviewers, or else has naturally developed into a more conscientious researcher." ~ Trevor W. McKeown, Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon

"How can you not be enchanted with a book whose chapter titles include: "The Patron Saint of Frozen Chickens," "Gossips, Spies and French Mistresses," and "Life, the Universe and a Theory of Everything"? This is a serious book, and it is well worth reading... It gives us, as Freemasons, a lot of bragging rights." ~ Bro. Richard E. Fletcher, The Scottish Rite Journal of Freemasonry

The Man who Invented the Twentieth Century

"Robert Lomas is to be congratulated on an easy-to-read life of a tortured genius. The book not only takes takes us through the roller-coaster fortunes of Tesla, but also has well-constructed chapters on the history of electrical research and on lighting. Although dealing at times, with difficult technical concepts, it never succumbs to jargon and remains intelligible to the informed lay-person throughout. Every scientist or engineer would enjoy this tale of errant brilliance, and a younger student would be enthused towards a research career." ~ Robert Gaitskell, vice-president of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, writing in the Times Higher Education Supplement

"Nikola Tesla is the forgotten genius of electricity. He invented or laid the groundwork for many things we take for granted today including alternating current, radio, fax and e-mail. A Croatian immigrant to America in 1884 Tesla combined genius with gaping character flaws and an uncanny ability to be ripped off by everyone. This is scientific popularisation at its most readable." ~ Angus Clarke, writing in the Times Metro Magazine

"Intriguing... puts today's hype wars into perspective." ~ The Guardian

"This book is fun, which is not something one often says about engineering books... Tesla is most widely known for the magnetic unit that bears his name, but sadly little else. This book is a thoroughly entertaining way of correcting that injustice, a must for engineers, especially electrical ones." ~ Engineering and Technology Magazine

"It is the most extraordinary biography imaginable, the tale of a lonely boy who was disdained by his parents, who fled to America to make his fortune and became Thomas Edison's most brilliant engineer." ~ Uri Geller, Parascience Roundup

"Robert Lomas's book should help put Tesla's contribution back on the map." ~ The Bookseller

The Book of Hiram (co-author)

"If you have never been a Freemason and don't even understand what the Craft might be about, you will still enjoy this riveting journey into the mists of one of the earliest belief patterns that would ultimately lead to more than one major world religion. Its origins are surprising, and the whole makes for fascinating reading." ~ The Templar Review

"Knight and Lomas's previous volumes: The Hiram Key and Uriel's Machine. These titles have been best sellers and are immensely enjoyable to read... The Book of Hiram is, in the words of Miss Jean Brodie, 'the kind of thing that people who like that kind of thing will like." ~ Freemasonry Today

"Freemasons plod through their ceremonies (as do the religious) year after year without a thought as to their origins. Lomas & Knight have undertaken a daunting task, at which (apart from a few minor speculations) they have been most successful... A most interesting and enjoyable book." ~ W. Bro. Douglas Inglesent. P.P.J.G.W. Custodian of the Wilmshurst Collection

Uriel's Machine (co-author)

"A plausible explanation of how prehistoric societies could have developed astronomical observatories such as Stonehenge for practical reasons." ~ Sunday Times

"Using hard science... [this book] puts forward findings here that will change the way we view man's distant past - and may help us better understand our future." ~ Bolton Evening News

"The book is superb... the insights that it opens in a series of varied fields, tying them in logically to each other, is very lucid."~ Howie Firth, Director of the Orkney Science Festival

The Second Messiah (co-author)

"Robert Lomas and Christopher Knight are exciting researchers. Their work has brought new life to the study of freemasonry and the Knights Templars." ~ Christianity Books Review

"I was captivated by the suggestions made in this book regarding Jaques de Molay, I'm not certain that they have the 'absolute' answer to the shroud, but I think they are well on the way. Could this simple piece of cloth have a heritage that links it with the last Grand Master of the Templars and was it created almost by accident? ... Despite what sounds like heavyweight subject matter, this book is not particularly taxing and was so compulsive for me that I read it at a sitting." ~ The Templar Review

"There can be little doubt of the overall sincerity of the authors in their quest for answers to the questions they proffer." ~ W Bro Leonard P Belson PM PAGDoC (UGLE)

"We recognize that some Masons will find this work of great interest." ~ Edward L King - Anti-Masonry Points of View

"I couldn't put this book down! The authors have traced the origins of Freemasons and provided fascinating evidence and details of the history of the Templars, from their beginnings, through their 'glory years' and after their brutal persecution era." ~ The Review Centre

The Hiram Key (co-author)

"A breakthrough book. The last four thousand years are never going to look the same again." ~ Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of the Gods

"A spectacular accomplishment. What better mystery book could anyone find than this - and whats more, it all appears to be true." ~ Robert Temple, author of The Sirius Mystery

"This is an enthralling story, full of ingenious connections. Academic orthodoxies should always be challenged, and I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to believe that there are more threads to history than we yet know." ~ Prof. Philip R. Davies, Prof of Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield

"One of the most provocative books of the century! The Hiram Key could spark the beginning of a reformation of the Christian thinking and reconsideration of the facts which we have so blindly accepted and perpetuated for generations. The book is a must for freethinkers!" ~ David Sinclair Bouschor, past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota

"The Hiram Key serves to remind us that history is not always what the professors and the textbooks claim." ~ Gnosis Magazine